Pixmania: A bad story to be told. Perhaps why not do business with them

4 03 2011

I gotta say, recently I’ve done a few orders with pixmania. You can read lots of bad reviews about them on the internet. Anyway, once having had a single good offer I decided to chance it. What a fool I was. The proof in the pudding is in social media. Does Pixmania like ryanair comment on their errors and try to satisfy the client?? If the answer is no. I’d suggest you, the buyer, look elsewhere.

Anyone who has used Amazon, will know that the company takes the money AFTER the order. Pixmania takes it right away. So it means if they have made an admin error when an item is not in stock one can cancel and choose to wait.

Pixmania, choose to take the the money in advance and not FULFIL on the order. Cancelling an order or if they cancel and admit their error means a 7 day wait. Great isn’t it. Make an order for 1k and have to wait a week to miss other offers. Bottom line it’s like having a food store 47 days away. Can you survive the 7 days or not. The law of averages after you’ve got a reply from them [24-48 hours after] you wait while the less than satisfactory customer service runs you around in circles.You give up and wait 7 days more and miss-out on other offers. It’s a law of averages… most people are impatient. However if they bought the item from a reputable 2nd hand dealer with 12 months refurbishment warranty.. you’ll still be quids in!

Pix mania’s online selling I have to say is, what in the UK would be classed as misleading. In fact it borders on the bizarre IMHO. Spain needs to reform its laws to state that all prices have to include what it really is bottom line. For example, they state price for X is Y. Y is price to pick it up at a shop. This is in Spain a revelation. It’s like going to the checkout after you’ve filled your trolley and being asked for a 10 euro surplus as someone has manned the shop.If they send to your home it costs a few euros more. But the price on the shelf is X.

The question begs then how come every other shop you go to you can order the item there and not pay for them to walk 30m maximum to get it, you have to pay 14 euros more when they have it available at the store?

Does it make sense to you? To me neither. It ought to be priced at X + extra money =  [more expensive than other places].

Spanish law needs reform. This is how a famous Irish airline continually flaunts UK law or how ebay victims get hit by p&p costs for lightweight items.

I vow never to do business with Pixmania again. I recommend you believe something from the 13,600 results from google on the company’s ermm.. outstanding reputation 😡

An example of it’s 14 euros to BUY it in a shop. This price is included if you walk off, from the street. So if you GO TO their store and see a camera for 100 euros, on the till they will ask for 114, for walking that extra 10 – 30m

Envío Express 24-48h22,99 € 

Envío Estándar entre 2 y 3 días15,99 € 

Tiendas/Showrooms PIXmania 24-48h14 

If you’re still reading check out these GREAT reviews from mainly Pixmania’s dissatisfied customers


Free Boy Cried Wolf mp3 download

30 09 2010

Free Mp3 Download

Why not treat yourself: Here’s a link to  Manic Street Preachers’ live guitarist Wayne Murray‘s new act called a Boy Cried Wolf . Below you can find a link to get an MP3 from his f The Firebrand EP.

The title of the song is No Comfort From Your Skin. All you have to do is go to the band’s website and sign up for the newsletter. Easy innit!

The EP comes out in a month’s time on November 1st. You can pre-order from their shop. Signed copies are available on the Tour…

Deftones & Coheed & Cambria Play Europe Together

8 09 2010

Deftones & Coheed & Cambria two of my fave bands have announced tour dates together in Europe. Now Spanish, Barcelona dates yet….. let’s hope they sort that out. You lucky swine you’ll see them before me… Here’s the European dates at present.

11/12/10 Glasgow – Academy
11/13/10 Leeds – Academy
11/14/10 Manchester – Apollo
11/15/10 Southampton – Guildhall
11/17/10 London – Brixton Academy
11/19/10 Nottingham – Rock City
11/20/10 Birmingham – Academy
11/22/10 Koln – Live Music Hall
11/23/10 Antwerp – Trix
11/24/10 Tilburg – 013
11/25/10 Luxembourg – Den Atelier
11/27/10 Copenhagen – KB Halle
11/28/10 Oslo – Sentrum Scene
11/29/10 Stockholm – Arenan

12/01/10 Hamburg – Docks

Tickets go on sale this Friday (September 10) at 9AM here

Boardwalk Empire: New Gangster Series From HBO: Scorsese & Marky Mark Wahlberg produce

26 08 2010

Boardwalk Empire

A new series caught my eye, if only as it had Steve Buscemi in it.

HBO are known for big production TV series…

I can’t say from their website that I’m impressed that much by the photos or web set up.

Looks far too clean cut, usual suspect looking actors and nasty clean sets. Think ROAD TO PERDITION… yeah baby that’s what we want.

It’s cool there’s a lot of unknowns in the cast but still, they could have got some uglier characters than those on show:


Feel free to  read about the plot outline here, there’s nothing we don’t already know although there’s some new slants and characters.

I just hope with all the production they’re throwing into this, it can be as intense as the Wire, with twisted humour of Breaking Bad with the tension of the same.  Somehow.. from the look of it.. I don’t think so.


I’ll eat my own Bermuda if it’s better than breaking bad. The  sets look far too clean and Hollywood like, looks like the normal kinda historical set up with a bit of occasional blood and betrayal.

Maybe I’m wrong… but  I hope for the final piece Scorsese is gonna make it look a lot more grimy! Dude, you’ve impressed me with your last few films, don’t


26 08 2010

RoadRunner Records are offering a nice HEFTY 8mb free download for Opeth’s upcoming live album.

The single: DIRGE FOR NOVEMBER live can be downloaded here:


Oh, there’s one catch.. you need to sign up to their mailing list!

Zippo Lighters: To Fill with Zippo Fuel or Not?

30 07 2010

I love my zippo. You can use it for a lot of other things other than lighting up your smokes. I’ve use the grill as a screwdriver, the base to hit in tent pegs and it’s handy as a torch when it’s gone dark and you’ve left your torch somewhere else!

I’d say as well, they ain’t windproof. I think any season camper who’s been in the mountains will testify that they’re not as good as those lighters that are like jet fighter plane engines and kinda glow blue then red. But, they don’t look as good or as cool as the zippo plus you can’t use it for the things above mentioned. They are REALLY useless as a light.

Anyway… enough about my ramblings. I’ve read the instructions for a Zippo and in 20 odd years of owning a Zippo, I’ve never had a problem using other brand fuel. Their main competitor it seems is Clipper which is around the same price. So my question, dear reader is what do you think? Any notable experiences with using other fuel?

BIC Mobile Phones: Michael Weston would love it!

28 07 2010

Today, I’ve seen for the first time a BIC mobile phone for 19 euros at a local tobacco store.  Yes, it is the same BIC that do the throwaway razors that is every travelling man’s best friend!

The image supplied is from France, but it’s the same branded packaging and everything!

I guess this will be the saviour of any traveller who has a phone stolen or has to make a lot of in-country phone calls while away on holiday or a business trip! It comes with 60 minutes of calls and is rechargeable.  There-in lies the difficulty if you’ve not got a charger.

It’s made by Alcatel Telecom, so as a basic no thrills gadget it will be cool. I mean, take this to a festival or a beach and there’s no worries about loosing it, just leave a forwarding message on your iphone! Cool!

Michael Weston from burn-notice, I’m sure would say how cool a bugging device this would be for 20 bucks… I’m sure they’d be a WHOLE episode on it 😀