Primark, Barcelona, Diagonal De Mar: You’ve saved us, and probably Spain!

28 03 2010

In Praise Of Primark, Barcelona

It was near to the time when I was leaving the UK, a friend told me if I needed quality throw away clothing to check out Primark. I was indeed impressed. If I was without a plain black t-shirt, I could get hold of one for like £1.99. Presently a plain T-shirt will cost you 2.50 EUR! Not bad indeed.

Depending on the store type, the majority of the clothes are aimed at females.  A close friend said that the Primark in Barcelona has more bra’s than other similar department stores in Spain. This is indeed impressive. I would like to add, that whomever does the fashion design for their shirts and t-shirts seems to have a very good eye. The fashion is extremely up to date and there’s sometimes some rare gems that outshine Celio, H&M, and Pull & Bear.

Their prices are amazing. You can pick up a pair of fashionable and shall we say out of season classical ones for around 12 -17 euros. The same quality applies to other stores such as H&M, and Pull and Bear. Sometimes Zara’s own jean ranges, it depends on the fabric. However I would say that Zara clothes hold T-shirt sweat quicker than one of Primark’s.

What strikes me as most impressive about Primark, that even in the UK, with its over testosteroned males and females, there was rarely a fight at the checkouts. They were driven by efficiency.

Their check-outs, on the whole one gets through in about 5-7 minutes. I’m talking behind 20-30 odd people! Now compare this to H&M, Zara, Pull & Bear, Lefties, C&A, El Cortes Ingles and Celio where it takes 10-15 minutes to serve 3 people, one notes the difference.

Okay, with Primark you are check-out cattle, but do you really need to say strike up a conversation with someone, if you saw on the news tomorrow had died, would you really care?

Bottom line, I hope Primark cuts away at Spain’s enthusiasm for total lack of customer service. Additionally, their prices for clothing is a radical price reduction than their nearest competitor. Maybe this will wake people up to how much they are being overcharged for a Zara, GAP, H&M basic 6 euro black t-shirt.

Finally, checking out, I want my clothing now. I don’t expect nor want a prolonged family chat experience. I want it cheap and I want it now. Well, it seems Spain’s chains can’t satisfy neither cheap or efficient. Hey, I’m just getting started. Even Pull & Bear’s outlets and Lefties don’t sell stuff as cheap. Well, okay you can by a shredded shirt or crotchless jeans cheaper – maybe.

For this reason, I praise Primark. Maybe this chain’s soon to be priority place for shoppers in Spain. I hope they wake and shake up CEO’s from other chains to look at the basics of the experience they’re creating. Let’s compare, ‘zero customer service’, ‘check-out times 5 minutes per shopper’, ‘over priced goods’… to cheap, efficient and customer centric.

I think a chimp could oook it’s preference. I wonder how long it’ll take  Zara, H&M,  Pull & Bear and C&A. OOok… Oookkk..




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28 06 2010


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