Use ReverbNation: Get 100% of your royalties via iTunes,, Napster and a shed load more

29 03 2010

I’m a member of ReverbNation . For musical  artists in Spain who dream of getting known and played outside, it’s quite a revelation. From my hard experience in Spain, the whole record industry distribution channel seems to be VERY expensive and for little advantage.

I quite like how ReverbNation’s approach the music industry. For a solo or not known artist  I’d love to find out more info from big bands who’re no longer signed and if they’d consider using the service. The cool thing is fans per channel are counted up. So, you don’t need a GOOGLE IQ university certificate to understand each channel.

Still I’d love to know what bands are using this service and have done well.  This would give me the big ups! As well, if any smaller band got signed. Hey, that’s probably the idea for us all right?

Anyway, the point of the article is to tell you about 2 packages for distribution. Now, it’s a 10 song album, so any ditties, you’ll have to enclose with a song before or cut them out… Ouch! But that appears to be the deal.

Here’s how to get 100% music royalty payment via different channels:

For $34.95/release per year

You get out to:

iTunes (Aus/NZ)    Spotify
iTunes (Canada)    iLike
iTunes (Japan)    eMusic
iTunes (Mexico)    Napster
iTunes (UK/Europe)    Rhapsody
iTunes (US)    Tesco
Amazon Mp3    Zune
MySpace Music
MOG      Guvera
Synacor      Fox News
GetPlaylists      GetGreenMusic
Immergent    Intertech Media
InMotion Entertainment      La Curacao
Secure Media      Moozone

+ the above & below for $59.95/release per year

Wal-Mart (Liquid)
Puretracks (digital jukebox)
Think indie (CIMS/Junketboy)
Amie Street

Note, it’s PER YEAR.

The up-side is that you do get paid for plays, downloads etc… hurrah

The downside is that there’s no promise that your recorded in a studio or 4 track is gonna get included*……… boooooooo

So, think Pandora… and with some channels you could be making some profit on the side!

In Spain, if you’re earning less than 5,000 it’s not necessary to declare it! It could be a nice earner!

This link gives you a great FAQ*

However, if you’re a solo artist I’d recommend representation or some way to not put in your home address [telling robbers where to get hold of your kit while you’re out gigging]. Read here




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