Metallica’s Music Used as a Weapon Against Terror

8 04 2010
Metallica, The Offspring, Thin Lizzy: War Against Terror

Probably not playing "One" as so not to demotivate the troops!

As the war on terror continues in Afghanistan, the US military special forces are using metal as one of its key moralising and demoralising tactics.

Yes, Metallica, The Offspring and Thin Lizzy seem to be high on the playlist. I thought that having any form of death metal grunting from Obituary, Death, and Opeth would have been a better choice!

A spokes person said: “Taliban hate that music…¬† some locals complain but it’s a way to push them to choose. It’s motivating Marines as well.”

But it appears to have been questioned by Lieutenant Colonel Brian Christmas, the commander of US Marines in northern Marjah, who said, “it’s inappropriate” and that he is “going to ask this to stop right now.”

The full article can be read here




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