Slowdive’s Christian Saville releases new album with his band Monster Movie

11 04 2010

If you love Coldplay, then you might want to check the back catalogue of Slowdive, who for me created their sound! I was really anti-coldplay for a while until I met the band face to face at Top of the Pops in the UK! They’re cool geezers!

Anyway, Christian Saville from Slowdive has released a new album, “Everyone Is a Ghost” under band name Monster Movie on Graveface Records. It’s already out, so buy it!

Check out their myspace for their sounds, there’s a few tracks their from their new album. You can get a free DEMO mp3 from Last.FM

Here’s a peak at the track listing, there’s a few extra tracks if you buy the Vinyl version.

01. The World Collapsed
02. Down, Down, Down
03. How the Dead Live
04. Bored Beyond Oblivion
05. Everyone is a Ghost
06. In the Morning
07. Fall
08. Silver Knife
09. Help Me Make it Right
10. A Place in the Mountains




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