Vuze Forcing Norton On Users: Security Risk IMHO

12 04 2010

I love VUZE. I’ve discovered so many royalty free and legal indie short movies and animes there since I left some time ago.

However, I’m very disappointed that with the new Vuze installation v4.4, forcing Norton on to your system. There’s also a VUZE toolbar as well which I opted out of but it still seems to have installed itself.

I personally dislike Norton. It’s resource heavy and slows down my notebook to a snail’s pace. If you’re using a Mesh Computer with XP, it will aid in totally taking it down.

I’ve got an anti-virus thanks Vuze. Why didn’t you offer a scan for the installation warning people that adding 2 anti-virus programs leads to incompatibility and open to attacks?

If I was a hacker, I’d be scanning for recent sharers IP addresses and to exploit this vulnerability. I’m going to be watching the blogosphere from users. I don’t think this is going to be the last we’ve heard about this!

The nasty part with their latest version  was accepting the agreement which appears on the same page as a Norton download.  The installation wizard pages are not clear enough to state what you’re installing. In effect you have 2 sets of user-licences. One is lead to believe that it’s the same program.

It’d have been better policy for Vuze IMHO to have it as a separate download.

It’s a pity as I liked and trusted Vuze. However, from now on, I’m going to have to investigate alternatives. Who knows what other services the company is forcing on me?

Download here: But, let the buyer beware!




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