Tarragona’s Roman Festival: Tarraco Viva: 18th – 30th May,2010

16 04 2010

Tarragona, if you’ve never been is a HUGE Roman city near Barcelona. You can still see many remnants of the Roman Empire.  The most impressive is the amphitheatre, but I’d check out the circus nearby which is quite spooky!

I’m a huge lover of the Roman Empire and culture. I’ve been waiting months for further information on Tarraco Viva’s 2010 program. It’s finally out. During May there’s tonnes of activities, many of which are free, some by invitation only and other’s for between 1-5 Euros to enjoy.

You can get up close and personal to the Roman Empire at the Tarraco Viva festival.

There’s a few purely money making [read tourist bleeding]  events such as wine tasting and food. However, some of the more cultural events seem to be available for free! YAY!

Although the festival kicks off on the 18th, most activity is around the last weekend of May: Friday/Saturday/Sunday – 28/29/30 May 2010.

There’s lots of people dressed up as Romans, Celtiberians and others. Unfortunately not that many Visigoths. I’d love some ancient Germanic beer baby yeah!

There’s 2 events I’ve highlighted which, I hope will be instructional. One is on the Saturnalia [or the real origin of Christmas rituals], as practised by the Romans. If you skip to the bottom, there’s a paid for show on Gladiators. I do hope this is better than another show I went to at another Celtiberian place!

There’s a return of the Roman Calvary [4 horses] doing acrobatics and I guess a show on Roman military prowess.

If you like the Romans or the Celtiberiacans you can view them all, but note they’re located at different areas. I will probably enjoy the Roman marches, mainly as there appears to be more diversity!

You can read the whole digest of things to do [in Spanish] in a PDF. It’s a bit of a monster [being 35 pages]. Anyway, I’ve lifted a few from the Brochure and Google Translated them.

Here’s a video to get you in the mood!

What follows is a list of my favs from this years jam packed Roman Cultural Festival in Tarragona 2010

Saturnalia, the feast of new slaves
Closing ceremony of the festival
About 60 extras made this reconstruction of what life was dramatized this event in Tarraco: Sacrifice in the church and banquet in honor of Saturn (Lectisternio), act of coronation of King of the Holidays (Rex Saturnaliorum) and subsequent death at this altar, legionnaires on the scene, changing roles (rituals of investment) of the slaves in the domus, sweepstakes and dice games in the street party at the school, musicians and dancers, jokes, costumes.

A world of entertainment allowed between 17 and 23 December in the Roman Empire in the  Saturnalia.
Date May 30
Place Auditorium Campus Martius
Free Access
XII International Meeting of historical reenactment groups of Roman
This is one of the meetings of groups of more complete reconstruction of Europe. Participating groups dedicated to the recreation of the Roman world as well as some of the other contemporary cultures in the Roman.

High-imperial legions
Legio VII Gemina (Tarragona). Recreation high-imperial Roman army. + Imperial legions under- Cohors I Gallica (Basque Country). Recreation late imperial Roman army.
28, 29 and May 30
Place Roqueral Soccer Field
Free Access


Iberian world, Celtiberian
Ibercalafell (Calafell). Recreation Iberian culture.
Tierraquemada (Numancia). Recreation celtibérica culture.
28, 29 and May 30
Place Jardines del Campo de Marte
Free Access

Demos showcasing riding or gymnastics and tactics of war. This year the German group that  debuted two years ago in our festival, will delight us with four horses .. Without doubt one of the more exhibitions expected from the conference.

Timettroter (Germany)
28, 29 and May 30
Place Roqueral Soccer Field

Free Access Free Access


MÚNERA Gladiatori
The struggles of gladiators in ancient Rome. The Istituto Dimicandi Ars (Italy) specializes in research and reconstruction of the arms and  combat techniques of the Roman gladiators. They offer specialized as a demonstration far from the scientific vision has given us the film.
Date 28 May 29
Place Amphitheatre
Access Entrance fee € 1




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