Tool Start Work on New Album: Tool to play with Rush, Muse, King Crimson & Pink Floyd

17 04 2010

Tool have announced this week on their site that they are indeed going into the studio.

It’s been 4 years since we’ve heard anything new from these guys since their 10,000 days album.

So far there’s no name of the album, but stick close and come back soon when this is announced!

Before I give you the link, the band are suggesting fans practice magical evocation to get:

  • Tool to produce a new album quicker and your potent magick will help the make the band work faster!
  • Tool to perform with Muse, U2 style, on a rooftop in Teignmouth Devon
  • Tool to open for Pink Floyd at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Tool to open with Rush somewhere (possibly at Neuschwabenland)
  • Tool to open with for King Crimson at Madison Square Garden

You can also work the magick spells to be:

  • In the company of Danny and Adam at a Lakers’ play-off game [or Chelsea FC with Justin ].
  • Winning two free tacos from Jack In The Box {??}

Of course it’s all tongue in cheek.

The email is VERY long so good luck




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