Lost: The Final Series, what is going to happen!

23 04 2010

If you’ve been watching the present and last series of Lost and you’ve also tuned into Fringe, you will note there’s some cross over. No surprise. Both shows have the same producer!

Okay, no Jack or Hurley in Fringe, however like in Lost as in Fringe, there’s an influence of one dimension on another. In Fringe, a doctor takes his son from one dimension and takes him to another. This created a riff between the dimensions and has opened, shall we say our dimension to influences of the others.

I guess in simple terminology,  each dimension has it’s own determinism. Each decision creates another determined outcome. The outcome is played out in one of the many dimensions, but it’s deterministic.

Freewill exists but in a really weak form, but I believe it’s more deterministic.  Freewill is played in another dimension as it could have been.

In effect, it’s a cop-out for the determinism vs freewill argument introducing a softener for free-will enthusiasts.

The end of the world in Lost, is more like the dominance of one dimension over another. As we know from Star Trek [great resource] when one dimension meets another, at least in theory, one gets destroyed. So, we’re seeing another dimension being affected by another and there can ONLY be one survivor.

So, the Island allows transport through time and as such through dimensions for people on the Island. So if Locke escapes for example, its said he’ll bring around the destruction of the world. Well, yes. He’ll destroy the dimension that the original Lost survivors come from, but not the other dimension.  Maybe this is the determinism for that Island. Locke escapes, everyone is wiped out by dimension take over.  Probably he is the fail-safe. I believe that, as Whitmore says to Desmond, he’ll need to make a large sacrifice. The decision of us and ironically, the dimensional others!

Still, I think it’s very Schrodinger’s Cat and I think the Locke[Smokey] and Jacob, could simply be positive and negative conduits for the Island, needed for it to exist and to give it coherence. They exist inside the box, but it’s never open for view. Thus, when it’s stated the actors are DEAD, well they are dead and alive as they exist in the confines of the experiment and not open to investigation! Paradoxical right ahahah!

Remember in Series 1-2,  the count-down timer found on the Island, before being destroyed? This may have been the failsafe to stop one dimension from crashing into the other.  It’s been destroyed so now. In the present series we have the other dimension being played out and effecting the other one [people on the island].

With 5 episodes left, I think they need to cover a LOT of ground. We need to know what is DHARMA, why were they there, who are  Jacob and the Smoke Monster and why are they there, and what or who is the Island?

The great thing about Lost is, it’s an entity itself. People refer to it as a thinking, rational entity. However, we have not met or had any inference with this evil/or benign genius. The other main question is, is the Island UNIQUE or does it also have duplicity in other dimensions. If it’s not unique then we might run across some problems.




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