Cheap Bar: Cheap Pints of Beer near Sants Station

10 05 2010

EL BIRRAS: Cheap Bar: Cheap Pints of Beer near Sants Station

So, summing this place up in a few words pints just 1.80 EUR. Okay, it’s similar in price to Oveja Negra however, my experience of the infamous O-N: Beer pipes are not clean; They only serve San Migel.

At El Birras they serve Estrella Damm and Voll Damm on tap!
Cool eh!

9 times in 10 just drinking a few pints @ Oveja Negra leaves me with a hangover from hell, bah… give El Birras a go. It’s cheap, fun and the beers are big enough to satisfy well… me ahah!

El Birras serves great sandwich/bocattas and bravas. Prices range between 2.50 – 4 EUR for a boccata. The bravas were cheap and enough to satisfy 2 people sharing a plate.

There’s not a lot of choice for vegetarians with the menu, unless you like bravas or tortilla!

Still, if you want to watch a Football game or get hammered before heading into town, it’s a great venue!


Carrer de Valladolid, 11-13





2 responses

24 11 2010
Vitamin Water

you can always buy cheap foods on any supermarket these days because food production is mechanized already ‘;;

13 02 2011

lol… too true! But the beer size for price at this place is very very good for barcelona. Better than Oveja Negra. One of the few places I know of here in BCN that does pint size voll damms for under 3 euros! Go anywhere else in barcelona and they’ll be like 4.50 !!!

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