Mahou and Amstel Going Head to Head

13 05 2010

Mahou and Amstel Going Head to Head

Man it’s a hard decision when I go out to the shops deciding which beer to buy.

Amstel have been hammering their publicity with funnier adverts than Mahou. Meanwhile, at the supermarket a can of Amstel has 14% more in it. On the face of it, Amstel’s offer seems to be dwarfed by Mahou’s 30% extra. I’ve yet to see an advert with Mahou’s new offer! Let’s see what happens!

It goes without saying, the difference is in the price vs quantity. Mahou costs around 58 centimos, whereas Amstel costs around 48 centimos. Most of my friends prefer Estrella, which face it is a very nice beer. But, in a recession sometimes changing your tastes to fit your budget is the all deciding factor. That is, if you’re tired of drinking Xibecca which probably wins on price overall anyway!

So what do you get for your money in the Mahou vs Amstel price vs quantity war?

A 430 ml can of Mahou vs 375 ml of Amstel. A ten pack will get you over 1/2 a litre more of Mahou than you could for a 10 pack of Amstel.

In effect, you get a can and some dregs of Mahou for the same  quantity of beer cans. The other choice is to pay 1 euro more for 2 cans of Amstel for a little over the same quantity of beer! Ohhh… tough choice!

For a 2-4 centimos saving vs Mahou, one may enjoy 2 cans of cold Amstel beer fresh from the fridge and maybe get 2 new best friends. Perhaps the adverts are true after all! These friends you might not want to share. Oh, the cheek of it!

Personally, I prefer Mahou. Amstel has grown on me. In Consum there was an offer for Alhambra beer, which is smooth and they say its made with natural ingredients! It’s a nice beer from Granada.

Alhambra is sold for the same price as a Mahou and with around 30% extra as well. Choices, choices!

For me, Amstel has to win the game, but only on price. You can enjoy more beer for the same money. However, if you’ve been to Spanish parties anyway, you will find that a can is opened and if it gets a little warm it’s rejected and another can is opened. This leaves around 1/2 a can of beer… wasted! Ekkk!

On another note, Estrella Damm seem to be moving out into Weiss Beer. The author apologies if this is old news, but I’ve only just come across it. For a 330ml bottle it costs around 1 EUR. Let’s hope they move it to cans and at a lower price!

If you love Mexican beer, there’s an offers this week at Lidl for Negro Modelo, Corinita and Sol. Check here, last 3 on the list.




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