Magna Carta Records: Tribute to Rush: Featuring Dream Theater, Korn, Testament, Skid Row, Dillinger Escape Plan and Coheed & Cambria

15 05 2010

Magna Carta Records: Tribute to Rush: Album out 18/05/10
Featuring artists from Dream Theater, Korn, Testament, Skid Row, Mr Big, Dillinger Escape Plan and Coheed & Cambria

Some indie label released cover albums from my favourite band Rush have escaped me. One of these has been from Magna Carta Records.

Entitled New World Man: A Tribute to Rush, the album comes out 18 May, 2010. On the Magna Carta Records site we’re treated to some very short preview from the songs. From the imbedded player you get a taste from this high produced album.

One song which piqued my attention was my favourite Force Ten, with Robert Barry. There’s just some crazy fast guitar work that kinda puts the original keyboards to shame!

Another song, a classic is played by I,Omega. We get a very interesting take on Tom Sawyer. There’s almost a Placebo vocal feel of the original.

The record includes contributions by the following big boys!

  • Chris Pennie from Dillinger Escape Plan / Coheed and Cambria
  • Juan Alderete from Mars Volta
  • Shane Gibson from Korn
  • Dave Martone from Dave Martone
  • John Petrucci from Dream Theater
  • Billy Sheehan from Mr Big
  • Alex Skolnick from Testament
  • Andreas Kisser from Sepultura
  • Sebastian Bach from Skid Row
  • Eric Martin from Mr Big
  • Vinnie Moore from UFO
  • Kip Winger from Winger
  • Mike Mangini [not sure could be a guitarist or drummer]
  • Mike Portnoy from Dream Theater, Cygnus

Nice line up eh! So what’s on the album? Here’s the track listing and length!

  • New World Man feat Robert Berry 3:48
  • The Trees feat Mike Baker 4:34
  • Fly By Night feat Sal Marrano 3:55
  • Mission feat Eric Martin 5:37
  • Tom Sawyer feat I,Omega 4:50
  • Jacob’s Ladder feat Sebastian Bach 7:38
  • Limelight feat Kip Winger 6:10
  • Force 10 feat Robert Berry 4:29
  • Subdivisions feat Randy Jackson 7:48
  • Tom Sawyer feat Alex Skolnick Trio 6:34

I’m really looking forward to this release.  You can find a review of the album from some lucky geezer who got a press copy here.

Here’s a video from a previous video / music excerpt  so you’ll get an idea of the quality you can expect.

Check out those licks…. they’re really tasty!




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