12 Minute Short Movie Idea

14 07 2010

Short Movie 12 Minutes:


3 protagonists

1. Hitman, probably russian or eastern european
2. Victim: Male or female not a problem
3. Hacker: Male or female, but probably better some shady looking
Overview: We have suspicion placed on the victim, via dialogue that makes his look guilty. It changes when it’s seen as being innocent. It’s bizarre circumstances…

Opening Scene
We open with victim in a room, single light, tools of torture being laid out on a table. He’s questioned, why has he posted the photos, why does he like young girls, what does he want to do with the money? the victim denies all. And then asked why he’s received 25,000 in his account via international transfer. In reality it’s venture capital for a wine tasting business.

Flashback victim’s house. Victim is called in for dinner, we see his computer being remote controlled, we see photos being downloaded and uploaded and details of cash transfers.
Cut scene to victim’s house at a dinner table. Partner asks victim after toasting a glass of wine, “So, what you going to do with all that money then”, the victim shrugs… “I need to pay off a few debts, and then we need to get out of here…”, Partner askes, “and what about the legitmate business then?
Door bell rings….
Hacker walks in, it’s the brother/sister of the partner, we don’t know yet that the HOUSE is infact of the victim. They say, “Hello X, have some wine, so good you could come, we’ve some excellent news on our business deal.”
Cut to close up of a wine business and venture capital approved at a bank. Some explanation of how easy it was as voice-over. We hear clapping by a crowd as a standing ovation plus dramatic music. It’s ironic ūüėÄ
Camera flashes back to the dinner table  partner and hacker clapping.
Fade to black.

Black screen: Reading 2 hours earlier:
The hacker outside a house, he closes laptop and makes a call. The shot is close up to the face. We just see his stubble. Shot from the passenger seat looking out onto a road with passing traffic .
He says,¬† “Its risky, he’s being traced, but it’ll be done tomorrow.” He hangs up and sighs!
Cut scene
Victim receives a call at the door from someone with a large box saying they won a prize. He needs to sign. Victim walks outside door and the hitman puts a black bag over the guys victims head. The delivery boy runs away as the camera follows in slow motion an empty box hitting the ground from left to right.

Cut to hitman hitting the camera with something to knock a man out.

Zoom in to hitmans face as we hear something heavy, [victim’s body] hitting the floor.
Black out.


White text on black: Reads “20 hours later”
Hitman sees hacker outside the victim’s house, makes a call.
“Maybe he’s got the working partner. I’ve traced him”, [pause]. “Yes, bringing him in”.
Zoom to hacker as hitman’s accomplice puts a gun to the guys back.
We just see the hacker getting pushed. Hitman voice over, “yeah, we got the accomplice as well. “.
Cut scene:
Victim we see with torn T-shirt outside house crying [he’s been set free]. The screen is split into 2. Simultaneously we see the same room that the victim was in. This time it’s the hacker [we only know as the character is wearing the same clothes. His face is obscured by a black bag over head.
A voice out of camera view [Hitman] says, “You posted the wrong kiddie porn pics for blackmail idiot”.
Cut scene.
Same torture room. We see¬† a greasy sweaty hand close up. We follow to the other that’s that’s pulling back on the loading chamber of an automatic pistol.¬† We here a sigh from the hitman.
Still on the gun we hear muffled sounds from outside the shot as the camera shot gets closer to the gun.
Cut scene
We see the gun as it’s pointing directly towards the camera.
BLACK SCREEN – 1 second pause and a gun shot.



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