Bass the size of a violin, that sounds like a double bass!

26 07 2010

Some time ago in the UK I bought a Ashbory [Fender] bass.

The Ashbory Bass a unique product. Basically imagine a violin, well it’s more or less the same size with super thick LATEX strings and ultra fine frets.

I had a trouble with the high end, but the cool thing is, you whack talc on your hands and play it like a fret-less bass and it just sounds like a double bass. I’m thinking of bringing it back with me from the UK to here. Using riffworks and my trusty notebook I can literally play D&B tunes sitting in a back of a car.  Taking it camping… no problemo… takes up NO SPACE at all!

I might loose the talc mind in the back of the car. My GF will go crazy!

Live, it does look a bit kinda like the guitar keyboard did for the keyboard player in Level 42. Yeah, a bit of a non event.  By that I mean SHAMELESS! However, the deep end and size of it means if you’re playing very simple lower level bass it’s just so easy.  I remember using it playing ‘Breathe’ by the Prodigy. You ought to know how fast that bass line is. This bass can do it. Looking for a Roni Size bass tone without octave effects.. this has it.

The only trouble is getting the strings to be in tune. You have to stretch the strings for ages [they’re latex]. The G-string always seems to snap. Still, I think if you play a double bass tune at an open-mike night… you’ll get people wondering WHERE the huge bass sound is coming from. No way it’s coming from that violin ahhaah!

Here’s a walking bass on an ashbory:



2 responses

12 02 2011

I wanna try one!! You should bring it back. I want to buy one of these fretless bass acoustic ukuleles. Here’s a demo:

13 02 2011

Yes a lot of the reviews of this are rubbish. It’s better as a double bass. It’s active bass as well so it sounds quite pro!

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