BIC Mobile Phones: Michael Weston would love it!

28 07 2010

Today, I’ve seen for the first time a BIC mobile phone for 19 euros at a local tobacco store.  Yes, it is the same BIC that do the throwaway razors that is every travelling man’s best friend!

The image supplied is from France, but it’s the same branded packaging and everything!

I guess this will be the saviour of any traveller who has a phone stolen or has to make a lot of in-country phone calls while away on holiday or a business trip! It comes with 60 minutes of calls and is rechargeable.  There-in lies the difficulty if you’ve not got a charger.

It’s made by Alcatel Telecom, so as a basic no thrills gadget it will be cool. I mean, take this to a festival or a beach and there’s no worries about loosing it, just leave a forwarding message on your iphone! Cool!

Michael Weston from burn-notice, I’m sure would say how cool a bugging device this would be for 20 bucks… I’m sure they’d be a WHOLE episode on it 😀




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