Boardwalk Empire: New Gangster Series From HBO: Scorsese & Marky Mark Wahlberg produce

26 08 2010

Boardwalk Empire

A new series caught my eye, if only as it had Steve Buscemi in it.

HBO are known for big production TV series…

I can’t say from their website that I’m impressed that much by the photos or web set up.

Looks far too clean cut, usual suspect looking actors and nasty clean sets. Think ROAD TO PERDITION… yeah baby that’s what we want.

It’s cool there’s a lot of unknowns in the cast but still, they could have got some uglier characters than those on show:

Feel free to  read about the plot outline here, there’s nothing we don’t already know although there’s some new slants and characters.

I just hope with all the production they’re throwing into this, it can be as intense as the Wire, with twisted humour of Breaking Bad with the tension of the same.  Somehow.. from the look of it.. I don’t think so.

I’ll eat my own Bermuda if it’s better than breaking bad. The  sets look far too clean and Hollywood like, looks like the normal kinda historical set up with a bit of occasional blood and betrayal.

Maybe I’m wrong… but  I hope for the final piece Scorsese is gonna make it look a lot more grimy! Dude, you’ve impressed me with your last few films, don’t




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