About Live Music Barcelona

All articles are written without pre-justice. All posts are my opinions and should be read as such. I’m a live musician and artist based in Barcelona Spain, giving my thoughts and perspectives from my own experiences!

I appreciate any comments, please add as much as you wish! I will remove any libellous comments.

This is a musician’s perspective on live music events in Barcelona, Spain.

Contact me for reviews, pre-views, any music you’ve produced … anything. I won’t publish any copyrighted songs on my site unless they’re hosted on a 3rd party site.

Any links to material I do not take any responsibility for. My faith in 3rd party sites to police material is solely the responsibility of the referenced sites.

All my reviews are impartial. All my personal stuff, like the things I do, I mention now and again. It’s not my aim to make this a platform for my own stuff.

I hope you’ve found it interesting. Send me a comment for any clarification or anything…

Peace, love and heapings of  blogs!

Some self promotion: Here’s some tunes I’ve been working on!


One response

22 03 2010

nice work!! keep going ! you are the man!

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